Where I’ve been all your life

That sounds a little presumptuous, but maybe you’d like to get some information about me. I’m 55 still, dammit. I was married for about 23 years. I’ve been divorced for about seven. Of those seven, I was in a committed relationship for 5 and a half. That relationship has also ended and here I am single again. I haven’t really been single since my early 20’s.

You all remember how we did it then. Maybe you’d meet a girl in one of your classes or at a bar down the shore, ask her out, bring her to dinner. etc. For any woman out there that thought the asking was easy, let me tell you, it wasn’t. I always found it extremely difficult. Nothing worse than walking up to a girl you’re attracted to, asking her out, and being rejected. I felt awful as I slinked away with my tail between my legs. I’m sure being the woman was no easier. Usually having to wait for the young man to approach. Oh god, not him, lord please, not him. His friend is so much hotter.

I went to college, played the field a bit, met my ex, married in due course, had 2 kids. We had some very good times and many not so good. We were terribly unhappy and eventually, painfully divorced. I quickly got into another relationship that lasted quite a bit of time. We did not separate angrily, but separate we did.

Plenty of Fish here I come.

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