Let’s Talk About Sex

A woman friend exchanged two messages on POF with a fellow: hello and how are you. His third message cut to the chase. Basically he told her communication and sexual compatibility were the two main components in any adult relationship. He asked her to give him her views on sex as it wasn’t worth going forward if they didn’t like the same things. Positions, frequency, oral, anal, etc, please spill in explicit detail. I wonder if he ever gets any women to answer him. His problem, as I see it, was twofold: it’s a super weird request and it was way too soon. I’d suggest building up some rapport for a few days and then hit her with how horny you are.

I’ve now been on POF for over four months. I have not exchanged a single message with a woman who was here for casual sex. I’ve only seen one profile in which the woman plainly said she was here to meet up for sex, but she was 17 years younger than me-and pregnant, interestingly enough. I did try to message, purely out of curiosity, but I was not within her outer age limit. I’m not saying I’m here to Netflix and chill, but I was under the impression this was happening left and right. Maybe we’re just too old and have had our fill of meaningless sex.

The few times I’ve attempted to sext, I’ve apparently misread the signals and have been shot down in cold blood. I was messaging this quite good looking woman some time ago. She was very complimentary to me and I felt we had built up a nice little virtual relationship. Somehow we got on the subject of some work she had to do around the house when she sent this message: I’m very dangerous with power equipment. The first power screwdriver I got I stripped all of the screws in every curtain rod that I mounted in the house. Lol I will take your warning under advisement. Seems fairly innocuous to me now, but what I saw in my fevered state were the words screw (twice), drive, stripped, rod and mounted. I asked if she was sending me a subliminal message with these words that could be taken sexually. She asked me if I was deranged and I haven’t heard from her since.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. Great entry and so true that people should use care in their wording of a message. I think she was playing you and I would have responded with something in a similar vein – “i find that so incredibly exciting when a woman knows how to handle a power tool. I actually have a rod that could use your expertise”. Hahaha. It should be FUN and agree with the other reader that folks need to lighten up.

    If I’m asked about my sexual preferences, I usually shut it down by saying that I don’t hand out my sexual resume nor do I wish to be the unwitting masturbation fodder for a stranger. That usually sends them off on their way.


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