Easter 2020

*Blogger’s note: I’ve been having trouble uploading my posts here. For instance, I was certain I had posted this Easter morning only to find it in my draft file today. Please forgive the lag.

Son, on looking into the Easter bag I made for him: Feels a little light, Dad.

Me: Yeah, sorry. The bunny is hollow, so it doesn’t weigh much. Besides, we don’t need the extra calories being we’re cooped up inside all the time.

Son: No, I mean I don’t see a card with any cash in here.

Me: You’re 25. Maybe it’s time we stopped that tradition.

Son walks away disappointed.

Easter is a holiday full of resilience and hope and perhaps we haven’t had such worldwide need for both since the second world war. Here in my usually busy corner of the world (Northeast New Jersey, USA), we’ve slowed down considerably. The parks and beaches are closed, the malls and shopping centers are shuttered. Most employers have sent their workers home to continue as best they can on their laptops or, for those that have manual jobs, to wait it out as best they can. The roads and highways move freely and are the only places where things have accelerated. I don’t think the police are pulling anyone over for speeding. Sad to say, but we’ve become the epicenter of the disease with approximately a 1000 people dying daily within 30 miles of my house.

*Bronx liquor store sign (not taken by me)

And yet there is hope. I sometimes pessimistically wonder if its the hope of the alcoholic derelict who has finally begged enough money to buy a bottle of grain, but pisses blood in the alley. All the same, the experts say we’re getting near the peak. The extreme social distancing appears to be having good effect. The deaths may be mounting, but the hospitalizations are slowing. And outside nature provides a cue. The very air smells of fertile earth. The fruit trees are all abloom and the bulbs in flower, colorful dabs echoing the good news. Neighbors I’ve never seen before smile brightly towards me as we pass during our daily exercise. The children are painting rainbows on the house windows and chalking them on the driveways.

I think of Jesus now, rolling away the stone at his tomb’s entry. He feels a new day’s dawn warm upon his upturned face. And somehow, despite all, he walks out and smiles.

Happy Easter y’all.

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2 thoughts on “Easter 2020

  1. Was it Lennon who said it best? “Strange days, indeed.”

    And yet so much good. Work emails always begin with “hope you and your loved ones are safe”. People are tired and stressed but doing the right thing.

    We kept our Easter traditions best we could with some Tiger King themed eggs and overall I have everything I need and more.

    Stay safe 🙏


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