This May’s Snowfall

Never had I seen its like in the midst of May,

Three girls bike by me, tongues pushed out,

Trying to catch snowflakes, focused on their play.

The three bike on by and leave with a shout.

My dad texts, So much for global warming,

Mistaking the day’s weather for the decade’s climate.

I find his world views quite alarming,

But he’s eighty years old and leaning on heaven’s gate.

As for me, I welcome the anomaly,

Manifested in new energy and a glow

Like some anonymous, suburban Gene Kelly

Just singin’ and dancin’ in the snow.

I smile towards the gray sky and the white squall,

Mulling life’s surprises, during this May’s snowfall.


#middleaged #manspov

#middleageddating #lastfirstkiss #love #aging


#autobiography #memories #writing #nyc #nnj

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