Wrecked, Racked and Ruined

I managed life, dodging Cupid’s arrows

But now i am pierced deep to the marrow

I walk this happy town wrecked, racked and ruined

Laid low by a love concluded too soon

I will pull my house down upon my head

Clothe my bruised body in ashes and dread

My lips will not draw again a true smile

Nor laugh, at least not for a long, long while

Where do I channel this crushing rancour

I do not think I can walk one mile more

Or gulp down enough 12 year old, single malt

Pondering where to lay blame, who to fault

Give me the strength and patience, Lord, I pray

To find myself in songs by David Grey

‘Cause I miss Her every goddamn day

And I know not where else my heart to lay

#poem #love #onlinedating #middleageddating

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