Chloe Sevigny

I sit and brace at each dip of the bow

On a bench aboard a leaky felucca.

She never minds the furrow of my brow

Or the amount of opium in my hookah.

I dream across long years and great distance

The sun setting beyond a desert bloom

Above the whipped and eddied confluence

Where the Blue and White Niles meet in Khartoum.

My heart races as an Arab boy bails

The slow rising water below the deck

Under the wind-filled, cotton lateen sails

A custom boat comes beside to inspect.

Right along these same banks where long ago

Phoenicians, Greeks. Egyptians and the Turks

With military prowess did bellow.

But their proud, bloody shadow still lurks.

And I swear by all the good inside me

Right opposite me sat Chloe Sevigny

#rutgers #jerseyshore #tinder #onlinedating #poetry #chloesevigny #poem #sevigny

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