If at First

I sent out my feelers, funny but brief hellos, into the online messaging world. The women I messaged were attractive, fit and smart, or, at least, they presented themselves as such. It’s hard to fake smart, especially after an interchange or two, but it turns out you can fake attractive and fit pretty easily, at least until the first date.

Several women replied despite the rather crappy pictures I posted in my profile. One thing I noticed quite quickly about myself was that I disliked when the woman didn’t carry the conversation forward at all. If her response to my little one-liner was a simple hello back, I immediately thought she was going to be too much work. There is only room for one taciturn person in a relationship and I already occupied that spot.

One woman caught my eye. She only had two pictures and they revealed a pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous, woman in her early fifties. She lived a few towns away. Her profile said she was athletic and her pictures confirmed she was. She wrote in her profile she loved life cuddling a good meal. No commas at all, so I wrote asking what it was like to cuddle a good meal. She answered good-humoredly and we were off on a two day chat, before she wondered in a message if I was ever going to ask for her number. And so I did. And after a day or so of texting, she asked if we were ever going to go out.

Now Cindy-not her real name- is an avid runner. And I am a walker. We agreed to go for a nice little walk in her hometown. We met by the railway station. I was a little early and waited for her on a bench. I dressed casually and she dressed athletically. She was every bit as pretty and fit as she appeared in her pictures. She wore black Lycra with the see-through patches and her top was low cut revealing very, very firm, good-sized breasts. I’m thinking c-cups.

We went for our walk and an hour passed quickly. We talked about her job as a lawyer and mine as a construction supervisor. Our children were another conversation source. I’m a firm believer in setting a short time limit on the first date. One can always extend, if it’s going well, which is what I did. We went another mile or two, talking like old friends, nary an awkward pause.

We got back to the station, had some water, and took a seat at bench. I had a feeling quite quickly that she wanted to kiss there and then, if I wanted, but I didn’t, mostly because PDAs are not my thing. Also, who wanted to see two upper middle-aged people making out. I’ve often felt the least sexy scene I’ve ever witnessed was Jack Nicholson kissing Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. After a lot of close proximity and arm touching, I really wanted to let my hormones have their evil way, but resisted somehow. We parted with a sweet kiss on the lips. She placed her hand on my cheek and I was smitten for sure.

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2 thoughts on “If at First

  1. Cliffhanger….. what happened to Cindy? By the way I’m probably not the only one having trouble with the like button. You probably would get more likes. This word press is a little wacky. Or maybe I am an idiot.

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