The PDQ Scenario

There are all sorts of acronyms used for dating in the digital age, such as LTR, ONS, FWB and NSA. The one I heard just recently and didn’t know existed was PDQ: Pretty Darn Quick.

Initial meet-ups are often awkward and disappointing. I am certain I have disappointed a few of the women I have met and have had been disappointed in turn. I suspect women may not have liked how quiet I am, as much as I’ve tried to warn them. They may think I’m disinterested, when I’m really afraid of being uninteresting. Luckily for me, I’ve found most women love to talk and I don’t mind listening. Talk my ear off, if you like. I have two. And I warm up in time. Before long, we may even be chatting warmly. The disappointments I have had mostly were due to not quite matching in person with the picture sent. And sometimes, my date and I just cannot get a decent conversation going. I blame myself as I rely so much on them to keep it going.

Cindy, I should say, was not a disappointment. Her pictures showed her as she was in reality. They weren’t taken at crazy angles or great distances or several years ago. She said she was athletic and she was very fit and lean. She had a good job. She had stories to tell and drew me out of my shell quickly.

After our initial walk and innocent parting kiss, we continued our messaging. What to do on our second date? I suggested another walk. She wondered aloud if we were destined to just be gym partners. Cindy knew what she wanted and wasn’t shy about firmly guiding me down the path she liked. I didn’t mind. I was a bit of a lost lamb and needed shepherding. We decided on a Thai place situated roughly between us. She wore a clingy blouse with spaghetti straps, revealing some serious cleavage. We had a fine meal and nice conversation. I walked her to her car, put away my qualms, and we made out beside her car in the parking lot. Once again, I was self-conscious, but I do love to kiss. I’d prefer not to do it publicly, but anything goes in a pinch. And, as I hadn’t been in a relationship in quite some time, I considered myself in a pinch.

For our third date, we (she) decided to have drinks at an upscale restaurant pretty close to where I lived. We took a corner booth and enjoyed a couple of drinks, before I suggested going back to my house. We arrived, snuggled up close on the couch, and proceeded to make out, privately for once. Hands roamed freely. Things were getting serious.

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