My, What Sharp Teeth

My friend Charlie liked to tap the ladies, preferably without any sort of commitment. He prowled the bars, night clubs and hotel lobbies. He didn’t join just one online dating service, but all of them. He could meet a woman waiting for his coffee at Starbucks or buying iceberg lettuce at the supermarket. He could play it smart or dumb it down, depending on whether he thought the woman was seeking or dispensing advice. He had confidence and style; he had the gift of gab; he had a glint in his eye and an assured smile; he had good looks and a good build; and Charlie was a wolf.

Charlie saw Sally and Sally saw Charlie on a sordid site. And they sort of liked what they saw. He messaged a hello and within 6 messages, Sally offhandedly mentioned she had just had a mani/pedi and a waxing. Charlie was not the kind of guy that would allow the mentioning of waxing go by without comment and she said it was so she could wear her bikini properly. Two messages later and Sally messaged Charlie she preferred a clean slate as far as that went. Charlie licked his lips, as wolves often do.

Bikinis were going to be Sally’s primary clothing for the next week at the beach and Charlie was sorry to see her go, because she seemed a lively lass. She knew how to keep his interest though and sent a bikini photo daily and sometimes at night a picture of herself in bra and panties. Sally wore these items well and Charlie growled ever so lowly.

They talked of meeting and kissing and fucking. They sexted. She masturbated or said she did, which was much the same as far as Charlie was concerned. Charlie could hardly contain himself and paced his floor waiting for her to get back. He howled at the moon. When she did arrive back home, he asked if she might not like to come by his place. She could give him a fashion show in person, he slavered.

And something strange happened just then. She reminded him they didn’t really know each other. She would not be comfortable going to a strange man’s place, which would seem a reasonable response in most cases, but they had been working towards noncommittal sex for 10 days now. A cold shiver ran down Charlie’s back. His grip on the phone grew flaccid. What do you suggest? he asked. So they met for coffee in a diner and talked for a really long time. She was playful, but not as playful as she had been in text. They parted.

Later, as the weekend was drawing to a close, she texted him, I’m lonely. Charlie’s hackles rose. Come over, he offered. She said she would. He lay in wait, knowing satisfaction was coming. And he waited and waited, until finally she texted and said she was very tired. She asked, Can I get a rain check?

Sure, he replied and they never contacted each other again.

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