Grandma’s Kinda Hot, Yo!

I am not a grandfather. None of my friends have become grandparents yet. I say this only to point out grandparenthood is an abstract concept to me. Of course, I’ve had grandparents. Grandmothers really, I have no real memory of either of my grandfathers. My own parents have been blessed with many grandchildren. In fact, the first grandchild arrived for them when they were 5 years younger than I am now. I did a little research before sitting down to write this and the youngest grandmother was just 23 years old. Meanwhile, two grandchildren of President John Tyler, (b.1790) who served without distinction in 1841, are still alive (as of 2017, at least). Let those two trivia facts sink in for a bit.

In my mind, being a grandparent meant you were old, notwithstanding the fact a person can potentially be one from age 23 on. When their first grandchild was born some thirty years ago, I thought my parents were as ancient as the hills. My grandmothers also seemed terribly old to me. I look at them in pictures from my childhood and they do look old, but in the way their generation always looked old, not because they were old. Again, they were younger than I am now.

So it should not come as a shock to me that some of the women I have sought to date are, in fact, grandmothers. I giggle to myself as I write this. I’m dating grandma’s. It’s reasonable and logical to think it would happen, but I never thought it would. It never even occurred to me. When a potential date mentioned a few months ago she could not go out Saturday as she would be babysitting her grandchildren, I nearly spat out my tea. “Grandchildren! How old are you?” I shouted. She did not find my amazement charming in the least. And I should say, some of these grandmas are hot. Not at all the pearl-wearing, purse-clutching biddies of yesteryear. I have to revise my whole point of view on them.

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