I Should Be Committed

As we get older, commitments become very different things from what they were when we were young. We’ve aged, matured, and gained life experience we could not fathom in our 20’s. I was 27 years old when I got married. What did I know about “until death do us part”? One would think it would be a little easier making that promise now the end point isn’t quite so distant, but somehow it’s become more difficult.

I was discussing commitments the other night. Which were the ones I was still willing to make? For instance, I don’t think I’d buy a house with a 30-year mortgage with any thought I’d be burning the note at the end.

And as you get older, those commitment periods get shorter. I would like to get a pet to share my days. A tortoise is out of the question. Those bastards can live 75 years. Even the longevity of parrots might be too much. They can go 22 years. A dog or cat might still make good companions. They can live 10 to 15 years. After I reach 70, I’ll have to do the math again.

I recently bought some tickets for a concert 9 months away. In the age of computers, do they really need to sell them so far out. When I buy a ticket to something, I would like to go while I still remember I bought the damn things. In the not too distant future, I may have to stop buying tickets for shows that far in the future. I may not be there to see it. And, frankly, for some of these old rock and rollers, I’m a little doubtful they’re going to be around that long.

The commitment grace period is getting shorter. I think I have a few more great commitments left in me, a pet, a car. There will be a day though, when I’ll have to think twice about buying a gallon of milk. After all, my expiration date might be before the stamp on the container.

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One thought on “I Should Be Committed

  1. Reading your blog makes me smile Jim…you have an interesting perspective on things, and I like that. I can totally relate to your story here…just went to a concert at MetLife and decided 2 things:
    – the venue is way too big when you need a screen to see the face of the artist
    – im not buying tickets more than 6 months in advance again
    Show was a bit of a letdown. Have a great day!


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