Which Movie Plot Am I Living Out?

A couple of posts ago, I was writing about my experiences with the sensual Gabriella. She was (and remains) an attractive Colombian woman in her early fifties. She was curvy, but she wore it well (kind of like Marilyn Monroe when she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK at Madison Square Garden). Speaking of movie icons, I felt as if I was wandering between different film plots during our brief relationship.

As the last few weeks of her long vacation in the US raced by, she delighted in video chatting with me, often she was nude and self-pleasuring, a la American Pie. With each passing day, I wanted to see her more. I’d like to say I wanted to see her so we could pass some pleasant hours conversing and enjoying each other’s company fully clothed. I’d be lying though. American Pie wasn’t really a movie made for my generation. I was in my mid-30’s when it came out. The whole computer thing was a mystery to me. I didn’t even own one at the time. So the idea of real time videoing, chatting, and emails was a fairly foreign concept to me. Watching it now, I realize the movie was really right about how the general public used computers. It has aged surprisingly well (compare it to You’ve Got Mail, which seems hopelessly out-of-date). Our home computers, laptops and smartphones have become the conduit and often a substitute for our social interactions.

I was thinking of Gabriella more in terms of The Sure Thing, the John Cusack movie released in 1985. I had just graduated college when it came out and at the time I certainly identified with it more than i would American Pie later. Cusack plays a young man who travels across the country to have guaranteed sex with a drop dead gorgeous coed, who he has never met. If only we could arrange to meet, I knew Gabriella and I would have earth-shaking, gravity-defying, brain-frying sex. I mean, why else was she American Pie-ing me? She was my sure thing.

Yet the days passed, until just a few were left. And then, there were no days left and she flew back to her home. We continued to chat daily. She told me she would like to come back to the US as soon as possible. Her last visit was so long, some time would have to pass before she was allowed back.

Now, I thought this was an unusual acquaintance, but pretty harmless. Things took a turn though. She told me she loved me, could not possibly live without me. When she came back, she wanted to move in with me. And she asked me, just like the sure thing did in that movie, Do you love me too? All Cusack’s character had to say was yes and she would be his. If I said yes, what was I going to get? I thought of the movie Green Card, where Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell fake a marriage so he can get his green card and remain in the country. They hate each other at first, but eventually fall in love because beauties like Andie often fall for ogres like Gerard. Maybe this was all a scam to take advantage of me for a place to stay and perhaps ease her way into legal residency, but maybe it was real. Maybe she was in love with me. Maybe I was just that irresistible. Then again…

I also thought of the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction, where a crazed woman played by Glenn Close stalks Michael Douglas’s character after what he thought was a one time sex romp. That particular movie still resounds in my thoughts decades later and I don’t want to live it in reality. Do you love me too?

Erm, no, Gabriella, I’m afraid I don’t.

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6 thoughts on “Which Movie Plot Am I Living Out?

  1. Did you ever physically meet her in person? If not then it sounds like an elaborate scam. Not sure if they made that movie yet….


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