Gabriella Redux

The national flower of Colombia

Well, it sure has been a long time. The last time I wrote with any consistency was during what was the height of the pandemic for me. I was home for several weeks and I wasn’t involved with anyone serious at the time. As it happened, I went back to work consistently in May, 2020 and began to see a woman, with whom I fell in love. She was really lovely and I had such a good time with her, but this isn’t about Mika. This is about Gabriella.

Let me quickly summarize my relationship with Gabriella, but if you have a moment, you can go back and read my two previous posts about her, and . Those posts are from March 2019, but they tell the story of Gabriella, who I met virtually a year previously. If I recall correctly, I met her through Plenty of Fish, a site I have since decided is pretty much filled with women I don’t particularly want to meet. The women (probably the men too) on POF seem to choose the fuzziest pictures and put in the least amount of effort on their profiles. The site is hard to navigate, as well. In 2018, however, I knew no better.

If you asked the body type which I’m most attracted, I’d likely say medium height and lithe, but nearly none of my actual romances were with women who could be described thus. Gabriella was about 5’2″ and carried a few extra pounds, but she carried them very well. More Marilyn Monroe-ish than Rubenesque, if you get the difference. She was Colombian, spoke nearly no English, was visiting friends and family not too far away, and was scheduled to leave very soon. We communicated through translator apps and managed our flirtation pretty well, despite not being able to express ourselves directly. The flirtation moved to sexting. We told each other we had go out before her extended vacation was scheduled to end. The days passed without our being able to both be free at the same time. Sadly, we never did meet in person and she returned to Colombia. We continued to communicate for awhile, but the distance really made it too hard to sustain. I moved on, not giving Gabriella much thought after a few months.

In the summer of 2019, she reappeared on my radar. She was back in the USA, across the country this time. Too bad, I told her, I sure would have liked to have seen you in person.

Maybe I’ll stop back in New Jersey, she replied, on my way back to Colombia and see you. A week or so later, she messaged me: Buenas dias, mi amor. Estoy de vuelta en Nueva Jersey y estoy libre esta noche para verte.

Hmmm, tonight.

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7 thoughts on “Gabriella Redux

  1. Well, talk about steamy. I read the last posts to catch up with the scintillating, Coquettish Columbian and can see why you were… very err… Merrican Pied. Blankets down! This could be on Netflix.
    By the way, whose casa is it?


  2. Nice to see you’re writing again. And with the same humor and candor I enjoy. No follow up? Or have you and Gabriella run away. Amor!


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