Alone Again, Naturally

I suspect I’m not alone in wallowing in a sad song when things get kind of tough and what better song for wallowing than “Alone Again (Naturally)” by Gilbert O’Sullivan. The song begins with the singer being left at the altar and ends with his mother being widowed, after the love of her life dies. Alone again, naturally. It’s 70’s pop, unabashedly wearing its heart on its sleeve.

My own heart has been broken. I often think it’s just karma having its way with me. I refuse to be angry, despite being hurt. I know I haven’t done things correctly in the past. So I’m alone again, but that often means I go back to writing. So here I am again. Alone. Facing the future, but with stories stored from the past. I’ll try and tell a few.

#onlinedating, #gilbertosullivan, #70spop

6 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally

  1. I feel for you we’ve all been there I usually try to comfort myself by saying when one door closes another one opens and it can be for the better because we certainly have to learn from our past


  2. Even though this is a horrible re-entry into writing for you, I have missed your musings. You are touching on an area that speaks to soooo many of us. In real time. Thank you for sharing ALL of the adventure..not just the shiny bits.
    Stay hopeful, Marianne

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