Sea of Satisfaction

And before long we made our way to my bedroom, where I’d like to say I performed spectacularly. I would like to say it. <Crickets> Cindy was playful and sensual and her body was lean and lithe. Because she carried very little to no body fat, her breasts were quite obviously implants. (I’ll get into plastic surgery and body augmentation at a later date. I’m not looking to body shame anyone, but a frank discussion might be enlightening, especially for me.) She left and we continued our texting back and forth.

Cindy went to the beach one day with a friend, shortly after our liaison. She wanted to show her friend what I looked like, so they pulled up my profile. PoF denotes online members with a little green dot and Cindy’s friend duly noted that I was in fact online at the moment and would stay active for quite some time. Cindy told me later this embarrassed her.

We kept up with our playful banter through texting. Despite some wariness on her part, she invited me to her place for dinner a few nights later. It was a couple of days after her birthday so I brought a dozen roses. Her boys were away for a couple of nights and she made it plain I could stay over and so I did.

This was all in the course of no more than two weeks. And in those two weeks, I had gone from flirtation to kissing to spending the night and suddenly I felt too close, too connected, too much. She was effusive in her compliments of my looks and sexiness and I thought much the same of her, but I held back. Just as I knew she was looking for commitment, she felt my reluctance. I was still on PoF. Still looking. Dissatisfied in the Sea of Satisfaction.

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2 thoughts on “Sea of Satisfaction

  1. This pretty much sums up dating at the age of 50+. All the parts are there…the physical attraction, the flirtation, the conversations, the fun, and the sex. Why is it not enough? Why do we keep looking, hoping that there’s someone better? What exactly are we looking for? Perhaps we’re afraid of committing because we don’t want to be wrong again!


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