And Your Little Dog Too

We spent that Saturday night in her king-sized bed, just the three of us, including her little dog Max, a yorkipoo, who remained in the bed throughout the night, including during our lovemaking (mine and Cindy’s, that is). I could feel Max’s disapproving eyes. Whether he disapproved of my technique or me in general, I wasn’t quite sure. Max kept me up the rest of the night with his pacing from one end of the bed to the other. Cindy slept soundly. I left early the next morning in a fairly foul mood.

And just like that, I went from flirtatious and solicitous to inattentive and distant. She texted often the next two days, but my replies were short and did not invite more. Did you enjoy yourself last night? Sure. Would you like to get together again soon? You bet. When? I dunno. She complimented me and wanted compliments in return, but I remained quiet. What she really wanted-and I was unable to give-was some sign of commitment. By Tuesday morning, she had had enough and asked if I thought the relationship was going anywhere. And I said I didn’t think we were traveling at the same speed. I told her she deserved better. She agreed she did deserve better and with just a few lines of text, we parted.

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2 thoughts on “And Your Little Dog Too

  1. Interesting post. For many women, it seems we become insecure following intimacy and want a bit of reassurance that you still like us. What if you had been given a bit of space after the encounter with no contact or questions. Do you think the outcome would have been different?


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